Sunday, 8 March 2015

Oh the times they are a changing

Things are starting to shape up a little bit differently nowadays at Quins,

First off - Therapy has changed shape. So at the start of the year therapy looked like a load of mats laid out for individual players, with bands, balls etc available for use.
This then changed to it being structured into what they would be performing for the first 10 minutes to make sure every player is hitting the big target areas - Glutes, QL, hips etc.
Now it has changed again - it is now structured but also has three separate stations. The first is the individual mats with balls and bands, but the exercises and focus points have been decided by the coaches.
Second station is a foam rolling station, but again the focus is decided in advance.
Third they do some activation work, working on proprioception, ankle stability, knee stability, shoulder stability etc.

In my opinion there are pros and cons to this. Pros - we know exactly what everybody is working and know that at least something is getting done. Cons - It isn't specific to individual players. Some people have certain work ons that because if this new structure don't get hit as much as they would.
But its one of those things - sometimes its better just to make sure everyone is at least doing something constructive.

Moving on from there - it has been an interesting time recently in the fact that we have a lot of movers and shakers. Some players re-signing with the club, some leaving, and the announcement of some new signings for next season.
We've also got some time off coming up, because our failure to reach the next stage of both the ERC and the LV Cup, we now only have Premiership fixtures to focus on. As I write this I am about to have a whole week off, with a lot of the players taking the chance to go on Holiday (numerous off to Cancun for Spring Break - lucky buggers).

For us interns, as I mentioned in the last post, its about the next step. And things are looking up - I'll leave it at that